Thursday, May 27, 2010

1 Year Ago Today

So, it's May 27th, and a lot of fabulous things happened on this day. My Aunt Barbara was born today (it really should be a national holiday), as was my Freshman & Junior year college roommate, Frances. In addition, one of my best friends, J-Stan, celebrates her two-year work anniversary today! (you go, J-Stan!). And last but not least, it's been one whole year since I've started dating this studly son-of-a-gun:

A future so bright, he needs shades.
Happy 1-year Anniversary, Sean!

We're celebrating this mini-milestone with a trip to Memphis for Memorial Day weekend!! He's pumped since he's never been, and he'll get to meet some (but not all) of my BFF's from Rhodes. He also has a little target on his back thanks to this little game of Bros Icing Bros. I'm assuming he'll return on Monday night with a strong sense of Memphis culture, as well as Type II Diabetes. Stay tuned.


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! Sean, have a great time in Memphis! Watch out for those Smirnoff Ices and take care of "our" Peanut!

Jennifer said...

I cannot wait to see y'all on Saturday!!!!! Happy Anniversary!

A.A.B.B. said...

Happy anniversary! Bring on the keg stands!n Just kidding, Lisa! :)